[Unix-jun72] init

Warren Toomey wkt at tuhs.org
Sun May 4 16:50:24 AEST 2008

On Sat, May 03, 2008 at 07:19:03PM -1000, Tim Newsham wrote:
> I looked through init briefly and the version from s2.tar.gz is
> slightly different than the one in the pdf printout.  In the printout
> /dev/rk0 is mounted on /usr at boot time.  In the s2 version the
> string "/usr" is still present, but the call to mount is gone
> and so is the "/dev/rk0" string.
> The init source is fairly short and shouldn't be too hard to type
> in or get from ocr.  Has anyone yet worked through the details of
> using the V7 [assembler] to make 0405 binaries?

It shouldn't be too hard, but I'm not an assembly person, so it's best
that someone else tries. My previous e-mail about the 0405 and 0407 headers,
plus the fact that the 0405 header IS loaded in memory, should be enough.

> Also has anyone successfully used a populated /usr on rk0 yet?

No, but I can create an rk0.dsk image with my mkfs; then in simh I can
do check (no args) which checks both RF and RK filesystems; ditto df.
So it must be close.

As an alternative, it should not be too hard to hand-craft an 0405
a.out which simply mounts /dev/rk0 on /usr.


P.S s2 frags: yes, some of them are not fragments, but complete files,
even with junk leftover at the bottom of each file.

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