[Unix-jun72] Help needed with my mkfs.c

Warren Toomey wkt at tuhs.org
Sun May 4 19:02:03 AEST 2008

I've just checked in my latest tools/mkfs.c into the svn repository. Could
a few people eyeball it and look for errors. Even better, if you can eyeball
the working rf0.dsk image and compare it to an image made by my mkfs.c.

At present, I can make an rk0.dsk image with mkfs. I can run up a warm kernel
and try to mount the rk0 image as /usr, with my /tmp/a.out. But when I try
to chdir /usr, I get a Bad directory message.

So something is screwy with the rk0.dsk that my mkfs.c is making.


P.S typescript of warm boot:

:login: root
# check					# check indicates rk0.dsk is OK
 119 files
   6 large
   6 indirect
 255 used
 399 free
 336 missing

  43 files
   0 large
   0 indirect
   2 used
4784 free
   0 missing
# /tmp/a.out				# I try to mount it
/dev/rk0# chdir /usr			# but the chdir fails
Bad directory
# du /usr				# du /usr shows no results
# df /usr				# and df shows it is empty
# df					# but df shows the free space on RF/RK

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