[Unix-jun72] DC-11 quick hack

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Wed May 7 17:04:26 AEST 2008

Ok, I had some initial success with a quick and dirty hack.

   - apply the attached patch to your simh tree and rebuild pdp11
     and copy it into your tools directory.
     - maps the TTIX device into the DC11 space
     - forces the CSR to return the carry-detect bit as always on
   - edit build/init.s and uncomment some or all of the ttys
     build it and place it on your drive:
     $ vi build/init.s
     $ tools/as build/init.s
     $ cp b.out build/root/etc/init
     $ tools/mkfs -p fs/Readme build/root rf0.dsk rf
   - copy your simh.cfg to simh2.cfg and add these lines before
     the "go" line:
     set ttix en
     set ttix lines=8
     att ttix 5555
   - run "./simh2.cfg"

at this point you can telnet to port 5555 and enjoy a multi user
unix system.  This lacks a lot of polish and needs a bit of work
yet, but its quick and dirty.

You'll have to revert to the old init if you want to use the normal
simh.cfg since the kernel will panic when opening the other ttys
if the DC11 hardware isnt attached.

Tim Newsham
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