[Unix-jun72] if you're looking for a different way to volunteer...

Doug Merritt doug at remarque.org
Sat May 10 13:21:27 AEST 2008

if you want to contribute, but don't have e.g. arcane knowledge of
PDP 11 assembly and such -- then let me suggest that it would be
interesting to find out more about these people listed in the 1973
"Study of Unix" documents (http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/bellLabs/unix/)
that formed the basis of this reconstruction effort.

For starters, who was this "T. R. Bashkow" who called the
meeting? Some googling last week indicates to me that he has
an engineering award named after him, and that he does
not have a wikipedia entry.

B. A. Tague's name is prominent too, although I personally
do not recognize it. And similarly for the other memo

Consider that any of these people might just happen to still
have source code listings, magnetic/DEC-tapes, paper tape, or even just
historical anecdotes to share, but perhaps no one ever asked

Or their heirs, for any who have passed on.

In any case, it's getting kind of late in history; this may
be the last chance to track down even information about these
people who participated in this historic meeting, let alone
find them and ask them about ancient media.

P.S. The above thoughts apply to all other historic systems, of course,
not just those Unix-related.

I managed to find a RESISTORS-related historic document last week,
for instance. (Princeton-area early hobbyist computer group.)
	Doug Merritt
Professional Wild-eyed Visionary        Member, Crusaders for a Better Tomorrow

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