[Unix-jun72] I recovered 100% of the s1 src code fragments

Warren Toomey wkt at tuhs.org
Sun May 11 19:38:26 AEST 2008

On Fri, May 09, 2008 at 10:34:10PM -0400, Doug Merritt wrote:
> FYI I recovered 100% of the s1 src code fragments; I presume this
> is of interest to y'all on this list, yes?

Certainy is Doug. Next time you e-mail in, I'll set you as being able to
post without a subscription. I forgot when I let your first 2 e-mails thru.

Where can we get your reassembled fragments?!

> And reading the archived messages, wow, you guys got an amazing
> amount done in a very short time! Congrats! (Boy am I glad I don't
> have to do all that by myself after all...)

I'm glad I don't have to rebuild the s1 fragments :) Thanks!

> Note that ed1.s and ed2.s are missing. Their source code simply wasn't
> in any of the fragments (which means, was not on the s1 disk image).

Damn, oh well. I should have a look at 5th Edition to see if "ed" is
in C by that stage, or still in asm form.

> NOTE: I am not sure of precisely when s1 dates to, but many of these
> source files use the "jsr    r5, 0: <buffer>" calling convention that
> requires writable code segments -- did that go away sharply with the
> pdp11/20 to pdp11/45 move, or no?

Probably, but it's hard to tell. We don't have any early assembly stuff
which would date from the 11/45: it's the s1/s2 tapes, then the early
C compilers, then the "nsys" kernel which just predates 3rd Edition.

> P.S. Since doing the above, I've been working on a disassembler; it
> works ok, and emits of course 'as'-syntax asm, and accepts a markup-
> command file to allow e.g. introduction of human-chosen labels for octal
> addresses -- and I'm nearly done
> adding the ability to produce "1f" "1b" style branch labels -- I
> created a bunch of bugs in the process of doing that.

We'd love to get a copy. I started on a disassembler myself...

> P.P.S. While you're asking Ken and Dennis for more listings, ask them
> for any "Unics" PDP 7 listings they may have, too! I suspect Ken even
> has a Space Travel listing lying around, although I don't think he
> has ever mentioned it over the decades.

Shall do.

Thanks again Doug.

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