[Unix-jun72] I recovered 100% of the s1 src code fragments

Brantley Coile brantley at coraid.com
Tue May 13 01:16:13 AEST 2008

> Brantley Coile ...brantley at coraid.com... wrote:
>> With the 'b' command, you'll never miss vi.  Much.
> I do know ed, ex, and vi, but I don't remember 'b'/browse, and
> brief googling doesn't turn it up. What's this?

Beginning with the Eighth Edition, ed(1) had the following command.
This is from the Plan 9 ed man page.

               Browse.  Print a `page', normally 20 lines.  The
               optional `+' (default) or `-' specifies whether the
               next or previous page is to be printed.  The optional
               pagesize is the number of lines in a page.  The
               optional `p', `n', or `l' causes printing in the speci-
               fied format, initially `p'.  Pagesize and format are
               remembered between `b' commands.  Dot is left at the
               last line displayed.

In 1983 I added it to my Seventh Edition source to ed and kicked the
vi habit.  I used it unil Sam(1) and now use Acme(1) almost exclusively.

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