[Unix-jun72] UNIX V1 bootstrap

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Sun May 18 04:06:25 AEST 2008

> I've ported the bootstrap stuff over the whole UNIX V1 build process.
> (Note: it would be nice to have a V1 as, so that all of these hacks
> we've been doing can go away).

Did you write bos.s and msys.s from scratch?   I noticed your
wunix contains no header, just the binary bits.  Was this standard
procedure in other versions of unix or is it possible that
the msys program took in an 0405 or 0407 and stripped the header
off before writing it?  Is there an easy way to strip the header
from within the unix system with standard commands?

> James Markevitch

Tim Newsham

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