[Unix-jun72] Kernel built under V1

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Mon May 19 04:04:15 AEST 2008

> I did the following, outside the simulator:
>        tools/assemv2
>        mkdir fs/usr/kernel
>        cp -pi build/u?.s fs/usr/kernel
>        tools/imgbuild
>        boot/installboot
>        tools/pdp11 boot/simh.cfg

If you grab the latest svn sources the process is a lot simpler.
You just have to

        cd build
        <cp extra files into root or usr>
        rm protofs
        make install

but the extra commands aren't necessary because in the latest Makefile
we're installing /usr/src with the commands sources and /usr/sys with
the kernel sources.

>        msys2 u ../kernel/a.out


> James Markevitch

Tim Newsham

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