[TUHS] V8 - V10?

Pepe pepe at naleco.com
Thu May 22 04:52:40 AEST 2008

> From: Aharon Robbins <arnold at skeeve.com>
> Is the SCO "stuff" settled enough that DMR can release V8 - V10 to TUHS?

It seems clear, now, that the copyright on that is Novell's, and that
The SCO Group *never* had the copyright for that transferred to them by
Novell, and that therefore the "open-sourcing" of that material done by
Caldera is void because Caldera was lacking just title to do such

Therefore, you can legally release it to TUHS, provided you have a license or
permission from Novell to do so.

You could always release it anyway, and hope for the best, but then you
are on your own and betting for your luck. Anything could happen, but it
is unknown.

pepe at naleco.com

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