[Unix-jun72] Early UNIX: papers & Usenix

Doug Merritt doug at remarque.org
Fri Apr 10 04:43:09 AEST 2009

>	I've had two papers about early UNIX accepted. One is a paper about our
>1st Edition UNIX restoration for the IEEE Journal of the History of Computing,
>and the second is a paper about several early UNIX restorations including 1st
>Ed for the Usenix 2009 technical conference.

Excellent, congrats! I've been meaning to ask you what was up
with your papers.

>This means that I'll be attending the Usenix conference in San Diego in
>June, so if anybody else is attending I'd love to catch up with you guys.

I haven't done Usenix in perhaps 20 years, but maybe I should
just for this.

>Cheers all and again thanks for all the hard work and the fantastic results!

Indeed, thanks to one and all!
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