[TUHS] 4.1cBSD Anyone?

Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Sat Aug 8 12:22:38 AEST 2009

Al Kossow wrote:
> Al Kossow wrote:
>> copy of the tape image up now under
>> http://bitsavers.org/bits/BSD/
> I just added a second image that appears to have all of the records of the
> first file blocked at 512 bytes.

I would suggest anyone trying to get this running have the CSRG CD #1 handy.
You will need to read setup.t in the doc/vmunix docs since it requires a keyed in
bootstrap. Most likely, you need to put boot.file (see below) starting at
location 0, and start it at 0.

Note in the docs that you will need a MASSBUS disk and tape configured.


Key in at location 50000 and execute the following boot program:
You may enter in lower-case, the LSI-11 will echo in upper-case.
The machine's printouts are shown in boldface,
explanatory comments are within ( ).
Terminate each line you type by carriage return or line-feed.
\fB>>>\|\fRD 50000 20009FDE
\fB>>>\|\fRD+  D0512001
\fB>>>\|\fRD+  3204A101
\fB>>>\|\fRD+  C114C08F
\fB>>>\|\fRD+  A1D40424
\fB>>>\|\fRD+  008FD00C
\fB>>>\|\fRD+  C1800000
\fB>>>\|\fRD+  8F320800
\fB>>>\|\fRD+  10A1FE00
\fB>>>\|\fRD+  00C139D0
\fB>>>\|\fRD+  00000004
\fB>>>\|\fRE 50000/NE:A
\&...				(machine prints out values, check typing)
\fB>>>\|\fRSTART 50000
The tape should move and the CPU should halt at location 5002A.
If it doesn't, you probably have entered the program
Start over and check your typing.

Start the CPU with

\fB>>>\|\fRSTART 0
.IP 5.

The console should type


The contents of the first file on the tape appears to be boot.file
In a quick inspection, it seems to match the contents of the first
file on the tape.

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