[TUHS] Unix 7th Questions August 2008

Wolfgang Helbig helbig at lehre.ba-stuttgart.de
Sat Feb 14 03:24:29 AEST 2009

>H.J. Thomassen scripsit:
>> In August 2008 a thread was started by 'zmkm' where he asked (among
>> other things) for a "unix assembler manual" by DMR. I could post a
>> scan on line if somebody is still interested. It's a 12 page text and
>> the CPU involved is -of course- DEC PDP-11.
>Go for it, I'd say.  Many will be interested, and no one is likely to sue.

At http://wwwlehre.ba-stuttgart.de/~helbig/os/v6/doc/index.html
you'll find the V6 assembler manual.


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