[TUHS] 6th Edition RAID

Carl Lowenstein carl.lowenstein at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 05:10:58 AEST 2009

I thought I remembered something interesting about 6th Edition RK05
handlers, and went back to check RK(IV) in the manual.  There it is,
Raid 0.

"Drive numbers (minor devices) of eight and larger are treated
specially.  Drive 8+x is the x+1 way interleaving of devices rk0 to
rkx.  Thus blocks on rk10 are distributed alternately among rk0, rk1,
and rk2."  Goes on to enumerate precautions, like don't use the same
physical drive for both normal and interleaved operation.

I myself never tried this, because I didn't have enough confidence in
the error-free operation of a single RK05 drive, let alone two or
more.  Note that this feature disappeared by the time of 7th Edition

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