[TUHS] Whence the 2.x BSD numbering?

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Fri Jun 26 12:27:53 AEST 2009

The FreeBSD (similar in the other BSDs) family tree file shows:

Sixth Edition (V6) -----*
       \                |
        \               |
         \              |
Seventh Edition (V7)    |
            \           |
             \        1BSD
             32V        |
               \      2BSD---------------*
                \    /                   |
                 \  /                    |
                  \/                     |
                 3BSD                    |
                  |                      |
               4.0BSD               2.7.9BSD
                  |                      |
               4.1BSD --------------> 2.8BSD
                  |                      |

so if the 2.7.9 is really 2.79, I'd like to know about it.

And the chronology lists:

2BSD                    mid 1978 [QCU]
                                75 2BSD tapes shipped
2.7.9BSD                ?? [SMS]
2.8BSD                  1981-07-xx [KSJ]

2.8.1BSD                1982-01-xx [QCU]
                                set of performance improvements

[KSJ] Michael J. Karels, Carl F. Smith, and William F. Jolitz.
        Changes in the Kernel in 2.9BSD. Second Berkeley Software
        Distribution UNIX Version 2.9, July, 1983.
[QCU] Salus, Peter H. A quarter century of UNIX.
[SMS] Steven M. Schultz. 2.11BSD, UNIX for the PDP-11.

Googling for [KSJ] is beyond my humble abilities...  The numbers from
[QCU] are about right for 2.7.9 to really be 2.79, eg the 79th tape
that left Berkeley before they switched...  But that's wild
speculation based on little more than whimsy and knowing how geeks
sometimes think...


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