[TUHS] How good a representative of System V is Solaris

Wesley Parish wes.parish at paradise.net.nz
Sat May 30 19:10:36 AEST 2009

FWIW, I did ask Novell a year or so ago about releasing OSF/1 from the SysVRx 
license requirement; I sent them a reminder, together with the request that 
they consider giving TUHS an SysVRx source/binary license.

So far they haven't responded.  Maybe I should get onto the local branch and 
ask them to take it up with headquarters ... :)

Wesley Parish

On Saturday 30 May 2009 13:51, Jason Stevens wrote:
> I'm trying to get something out of Novell on this... so far they keep
> on wanting to sell me Linux they seem perplexed about their ownership
> of any UNIX ip, even when I point them to their own pages proclaiming
> such.......
> On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 8:20 PM, Michael Kerpan <mjkerpan at kerpan.com> wrote:
> > So far, it seems that the consensus is that Solaris isn't a good
> > representative of System V... With that said, the second part of my
> > question still remains: is there a way to pay with a classic System V
> > environment that is both free/cheap AND legal or am I SOL?
> >
> > Mike
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