[pups] extract old archive format?

Bob Eager rde at tavi.co.uk
Fri Apr 9 15:49:00 AEST 2010

On Thu, 08 Apr 2010 21:13:55 -0400 (EDT)
Norman Wilson <norman at oclsc.org> wrote:

>   The 'ar' format of that vintage is trivial, and documentation easily
>   found. I wrote programs to read it back in 1976!
> ======
> That's nothing.  Either Ken or Dennis wrote such a program
> years before that!

I know...I used it, in July 1976!

Mine was in PDP-11 assembler, for a different operating system.

> Seriously, it's a binary format, so I don't know that
> it would be easy to process in awk.

I forgot that the first version was partially binary, but still easy in
most modern languages.

If I had more time, I'd have a go...again!


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