[TUHS] Now that Novell officially owns Unix again...

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Fri Apr 2 14:55:54 AEST 2010

In message: <u2x8dd2d95c1004011856q7bdde73bl6b44c15a49b54726 at mail.gmail.com>
            Michael Kerpan <madcrow.maxwell at gmail.com> writes:
: Is anything likely to happen to the status of various historical
: Unices? Is Novell likely to keep the Ancient Unix license intact or
: are they likely to lock things back up? Is there any chance that
: SysIII and early SysV might finally get opened up? Does anybody have
: any ideas here?

It is unlikely anything will happen before the Novel/SCO case is
completely over.  All that has happened is that a key verdict on one
aspect of the case has been rendered.  In all likelihood, Novel will
likely end up on top, but until the litigation is actually over, they
are unlikely to do anything.

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