[TUHS] UniFlex

Jose R. Valverde jrvalverde at cnb.csic.es
Fri Apr 30 17:30:44 AEST 2010

From Wikipedia:

UniFLEX is a Unix-like operating system developed by Technical Systems
Consultants (TSC) for the Motorola 6809 family which allowed
multitasking and multiprocessing. It was released for DMA-capable 8"
floppy, extended memory addressing hardware (software controlled 4KiB
paging), Motorola 6809 based computers. 


	A full distribution of UniFlex is available as tar.gz archives
from this page.

And the question is:

	Would it make sense to add UniFlex to the UNIX archives in the
other subdirectory?

	And if so, wouldn't then also make sense to have Tropix as well?

Just a suggestion. I know strictly speaking these are no proper UNIX 
systems, but all the same they are independent implementations of the
same basic philosophy much like Coherent, OMU, Xinu, Sprite, Minix and
many others were.

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