[TUHS] Making progress with old DG/UX virtualization. Need advice.

DG UX dgunix at gmail.com
Sun Aug 1 04:49:32 AEST 2010

As you might remember from a previous post, I am trying to virtualize
/ emulate an old Data General UNIX system to a VM env'.
This is my progress so far (after a lot of reading, searching and
understanding who is who and what does it all mean) :

1. I've DD'ed an exact copy of the raw system disk as an image on my Linux box.
2. Loaded it up with most virtualization products out there - VMware,
VirtualBox, Xen/KVM/Qemu, Bochs and such.
 They all work, ie, bootloader works and getting a DG/UX menu to
choose my proper kernel/system disk.
3. This is where they fail, as they cannot find the system's original
Adaptec PCI SCSI Controller (which is an AIC-7880 chip).
 Most VM products only support LSI/BusLogic SCSI, and IDE of course.

As I see it, I have a few things I can do to make it work:

1. write an Adaptec driver for a VM product.
2. write an LSI/BusLogic driver for DG/UX or implement virtio drivers into it.
3. get IDE support working.

1st 2 options, as I understand from software eng' and other
professionals, are very difficult.
The 3rd option is interesting :

On one hand, I have an config file with all of DG/UX's supported
hardware, IDE is simply not there (would love for someone else to have
a look if possible. Just say so and I'll send you the file).
_and_  docs say "Data General has not tested or qualified the use  of
IDE devices in AViiON AV 2100 systems".

_BUT_, on the other hand, BIOS seems to have plenty of IDE config
options and also docs say:

 "IDE Interface - Disabled/Auto" , "OnBoard IDE Controller - enabled".
" The AV 2100 board set consists of  a system board with six PCI
expansion slots, three ISA expansion slots, and several embedded
controller devices (PCI video, SCSI, Network, and IDE).

and "..A SCSI-III AIC-7880 controller for connecting up to seven 8-bit
narrow SCSI devices.  You can also connect a mixture of fifteen 8-bit
narrow and 16-bit wide SCSI devices to the controller—maximum of seven
8-bit narrow SCSI devices. PCI-enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
(IDE) hard disk interface that supports two hard disk drives"

Also " Since the lower bay contains a SCSI CD-ROM drive, only one
other SCSI device can be installed.  You can install an IDE device in
the remaining bay. "

And much more. The question is, if I have an exact image of the
primary disk and I did try to load it via an IDE drive (in Qemu/
VirtualBox etc), didn't work out. Like last time, bootloader booted up
and then hang after trying to load the kernel.

Is there something I can try and do as a different config in my image file?
Anything else you can think of?
Please let me know if you need any file sent over.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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