[TUHS] NetBSD 0.8/0.9

Jacob Goense dugo at xs4all.nl
Fri Dec 3 22:10:47 AEST 2010

> This is by no means complete.....
> Although we do have kern_exit.c from NetBSD 0.9 and from 386BSD 0.0 pl24
> I'll have to mash things around to see what happens...  I didn't get a
> chance yesterday with some great white north type nation blocking
> ipsec.........
[snip list of missing 0.8 source files]

You mean 386BSD 0.1 pl24 right, that, 0.9, the Net/2 tarball and the CVS
comments might help in rebuilding something resembling NetBSD 0.8.

Sounds a bit like back breeding extinct species ;)


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