[TUHS] mnos and demos

Lyle Bickley lbickley at bickleywest.com
Tue Mar 9 08:03:36 AEST 2010

On Monday 08 March 2010, Jason Stevens wrote:
> There is this..
> http://pdp-11.ru/mybk/pdp11/DEMOS.RAR

After extracting the *.DK from the RAR archive, I found that U1.DK is a tar.
the bin directory contains:

[    cc     cp    df       echo   file  ln     make   nice    ps     restor  size   su    time    wf
adb  chgrp  cpfd  diff     ed     find  login  man    nm      pstat  rm      sleep  sync  touch
ar   chmod  csh   du       expr   grep  ls     mkdir  nroff   pwd    rmail   sort   tail  true
as   chown  date  dump     false  kill  lx     mount  od      re     rmdir   strip  tee   umount
cat  cmp    dd    dumpdir  fgrep  ld    mail   mv     passwd  red    rpl     stty   test  wc

All of the above are PDP-11 executables.

A "TEST" directory contains:

ctest.c:    ISO-8859 C program text
f77test1.f: ASCII text
f77test2.f: ISO-8859 text
hdr:        ISO-8859 text
kcgd:       PDP-11 executable not stripped
main:       ISO-8859 text
primer:     ISO-8859 text
printend:   ISO-8859 text
PROT:       ISO-8859 text, with escape sequences
run_test:   POSIX shell script text
t1:         ISO-8859 text
t2:         ISO-8859 text
t3:         C shell script text
t4:         ISO-8859 text
t5:         ISO-8859 text
t6:         ISO-8859 text
test1.sc:   ISO-8859 text
test2.sc:   ISO-8859 text
test3.sc:   ISO-8859 text
test4.sc:   ISO-8859 text
text:       ISO-8859 C program text
text.std:   ISO-8859 text

Will futz around with the other .DK files when I have more time...

> which looks like a bunch of disk images, but they didn't boot for me either
> in SIMH or a few russian pdp-11 emulators.....

Perhaps they are Dectape or other tape type???


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