[TUHS] wrong HISTORY in 4.4BSD manual pages?

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Thu May 6 06:55:24 AEST 2010

I was looking at several NetBSD manual pages and saw that some HISTORY 
sections had wrong .Bx or BSD reference like:

     The xstr command appeared in 3.0BSD.

I looked at a few and saw this was in 4.4BSD manual pages. By the way, 
when were these history sections added? (They aren't in 4.2BSD manual 
pages. I should look at 4.3 before asking ...)

I didn't see any that refered to original Berkeley UNIX Software Tape 
nor 2BSD.

But from looking at the 1BSD and 2BSD, I see:

apropos was in 2bsd

colcrt was in 1bsd but not in 2bsd
even though 2BSD iul, soelim, and ssp manuals referenced it
(why missing from 2BSD?)

colrm was in 1bsd but not in 2bsd

csh was in 2bsd (even 1bsd referenced the upcoming "csh")

ctags was in 2bsd, but as a shell script using ed

expand was in 1bsd and 2bsd

finger was in 2bsd

fmt was in 2bsd

from was in 2bsd

head was in 1bsd and 2bsd

lock was in 2bsd

last was in 1bsd and 2bsd

mkstr was in 1bsd and 2bsd

msgs was in 2bsd

printenv was in 2bsd

soelim was in first BSD and 2BSD

tset was in 1bsd and 2bsd

w was in 2bsd as finger -sf

whatis was in 2bsd

whereis was in 2bsd

xstr was in 2bsd

lastlog file format was in 1bsd and 2bsd (?? maybe different format??)

Any comments on the above?

Or is this simply because "2BSD" is not a operating system release per 
se, so "3.0BSD" is correct?

But this makes me wonder if my 2BSD versions are newer than first 
2BSD, so really 3BSD is correct for some of this.

I was going to ask a NetBSD list about this to fix these histories, but 
decided to consult TUHS instead. Okay to change history to fix history? 

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