[TUHS] Historical Papers on Unix now online

Norman Wilson norman at oclsc.org
Wed Nov 10 00:50:01 AEST 2010


  I thought the BSTJ went into 1984, as I have some references to 1984 issues,
  e,g, The Evolution of UNIX System Performance. Bell System Technical Journal,
  63(8):1791b1814, October 1984.


The journal's name changed at the end of 1983, from Bell System Technical
Journal to AT&T Bell Laboratories Technical Journal, to reflect

There was indeed a late-1984 all-UNIX-papers issue of the BLTJ, but
technically (and journally) it was the BLTJ then, not the BSTJ.

I don't know whether there are issues of copyright-ownership or
the like over the post-divestiture journal (does it belong to
Bell Labs, now owned by Alcatel, or to AT&T, now owned by
Southern Bell?) that interfere with releasing the latter-day

Norman Wilson
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who cares?)

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