[TUHS] NetBSD 0.8

Jacob Goense dugo at xs4all.nl
Fri Nov 19 09:26:30 AEST 2010

> I don't suppose anyone has this kicking around,

The closest I ever got to erecting a tomb stone in the form of an
emulator image for the fallen Net/2 derived recompilable operating
environments is a fully patched up 386BSD 0.1.

I can't get 386BSD 1.0 to rebuild itself yet, hence the Moby Dick quote
on gunkies.org for that release. Probably you and I are the only ones
who give 2 GB and those who can have a last name ending in olitz.

Would love to get my hands on NetBSD 0.8/0.9. I assume the USL v UB
settlement resulted in pressure to get them purged. In lieu of the
distribution any good storys on how that went down?


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