[TUHS] 6502 and swtch, was Re: 2.11BSD cross compiler

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Fri Oct 1 03:49:12 AEST 2010

> Argh, I wasn't going to post back but I can't resist. Back in the 80's I
> rewrote Xinu from C into 6502 assembly, and got very primitive multitasking
> working on the Apple ][. I guess that counts as writing swtch :-)
> ftp://minnie.tuhs.org/pub/apple2/apple2xinu.tar.gz

Along the same line: http://lng.sourceforge.net/
A unix-like system written for 6502 (not my doing, I just
find it cute).  Its interesting because in several ways
the 6502's not really a great cpu for this kind of thing
(fixed location stack, not easy to write PIC code...).

But hey, if you can support 8 concurrent users on a 48k
pdp11, why not unix on a c64? :)

> 	Warren

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