[TUHS] when did new awk first appear?

Brian S Walden tuhs at cuzuco.com
Fri Apr 8 13:56:26 AEST 2011

I know for sure that in 1988's svr3.2 the "awk" command was the 1988 version
and the "oawk" command was the version from 1979.

In svr3.0 the "awk" command was the old and we'd get the new one 
from Holmdel's unix tools distribution group (called USTOP) and
install it as "nawk"

I think you could get the new one in stock svr3.1 but cannot
remember it it was provide as "awk" or "nawk."

> Hi. Does anyone remember for sure if "new" awk shipped with System V
> Release 3.1 or 3.2?  I know it wasn't 3.0.
> Thanks!
> Arnold Robbins

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