[TUHS] when did new awk first appear?

arnold at skeeve.com arnold at skeeve.com
Mon Apr 11 20:43:23 AEST 2011


> > Hi. Does anyone remember for sure if "new" awk shipped with System V
> > Release 3.1 or 3.2?  I know it wasn't 3.0.
> Hi,
> http://www.levenez.com/lang/ says 1978 for oawk and 1985 for nawk.

New awk existed inside the Research group for some time before it
filtered out through System V.  It was even available separately,
directly from them, to educational institutions. Circa 1986 I got
a copy that way when I worked at the Emory University computing center.

> regarding http://www.levenez.com/unix/, 1978 is between v6 and v7,
> and 1985 is between SVr2 and SVr3.0.

True but not relevant; new awk was released with System V at either
3.1 or 3.2; I'm leaning towards 3.1 since that is what I wrote way back
when in the gawk manual when I knew for sure. :-)

Unless anyone can check the actual sources, I think we should declare
this closed...  Thanks to everyone for the feedback.


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