[TUHS] Novell and Ancient Unix

Lyndon Nerenberg lyndon at orthanc.ca
Thu Apr 14 10:34:02 AEST 2011

> For something they fought so hard in court to own, they sure are
> clueless about what they have.

I recall a message to the list a year or two(?) ago from Warren (I think) 
describing how he had to explain to one of the many incarnations of SCO[1]
just exactly what all this "UNIX" stuff was that they had bought (i.e. 
all the nth Editions, SysIII, SVRx, etc).  I'm too lazy to search the list 
archives to find it, but it's there someplace.


[1] The SCO-variant that was the ancestor of Caldera/Novell.  My brain 
turns to cottage cheese every time I think about this part of history.

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