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Sergio Aguayo sergioag at qmailhosting.net
Tue Jul 12 00:09:14 AEST 2011

There is a somewhat modern port of V6 to the 286, which is in the archive (http://minnie.tuhs.org/Archive/Other/V6on286/). There is also a modern x86 port of V7 available at http://www.nordier.com/v7x86/ This one is more interesting as it aims to run in modern machines and includes a bootable CD image.

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Sergio Aguayo

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On Mon, 2011-07-11 at 08:50 -0400, Sergio Aguayo wrote:
> If you're reading the Lion's book, better get Unix V6 from the archive. SVR4 is quite different in many aspects.
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> Sergio Aguayo

I got them, but they work on PDP-11.  I'd like to see an version of Unix
working on Intel x86.  As far as I know, SVR4 was the first Unix working
on this architecture. 

If I recall correctly Unix V6 was only ported on Interdata 7/32
computers.  I'd like to get the sources of a small Unix kernel working
on x86.

Has anyone ported Unix V6 on x86?

Thanks for your replies,
	-- Michele

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