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Thu May 26 05:56:58 AEST 2011

Le 25/05/2011 00:19, Steve Simon a écrit :

well, too big message held on queue canceled, repost w/ attachment.

> Anyone remember picasso, a vector graphics GUI app
> that generated pic(1) source?

picasso seems to be part of the DocumentWorkBench which is now freely 
available from AT&T Software Technology :


here is the manual page :

         PICASSO(1)           UNIX System V (DWB 3.2)           PICASSO(1)

              picasso - a line drawing program

              picasso [ -bsize -Fpath -Tfonttables -Ipath -ln -Mn -mmargin
              -pmxn -txL ]  [ - ]  [ files ]

              picasso is a processor for a pic-like drawing language that
              produces PostScript output.  By default, this output is
              scaled to fit an 8 by 10 inch print area, and centered on
              the page.

compiles well under cygwin w/ the following patch :



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