[TUHS] Ideas for a Unix paper I'm writing

Jose R. Valverde jrvalverde at cnb.csic.es
Sat Sep 3 04:33:17 AEST 2011

Le 01/05/2011 20:38, Jason Stevens a écrit :
 > I thought you guys may enjoy this...
 > http://aiju.de/code/pdp11/
 > It's a PDP-11 with a teletype console, and a RK05 with Unix v6.
 > Because browsers are weird, here is some of the keycommands...
 > DEL is the interrupt key (^C on modern *nix), Pause the quit key (^\
 > or ^L) and PrtScr is EOF (^D).
 > Jason

Indeed, that may be cool. It seems trivial to modify the source code to
run any OS you want. The point then is to contact the author and ask
if he does mind someone else using his code. If there is no objection
simply save the page (with depending files), this will get you the
JS files, among them rk05.js which gets the disk image from a hard
coded URL. All that would be needed is changing that URL to one 
pointing to another UNIX version disk and give it a try. If it works
one would be able to offer v1 on the web!

Yes, it's slow as hell, but that only gives it a more realistic
appearance. ;-)

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