[TUHS] UNIX V 6.9999999 ?

Jason Stevens jsteve at superglobalmegacorp.com
Thu Sep 8 13:32:42 AEST 2011

Ah that makes sense, I could totally see that happening.. Esp with the cost
of hardware back then!  It is insteresting reading about people haveing
600MB of storage back in 1981.. I can only imagine how much it'd have cost!

Thanks again!

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On Wed, 7 Sep 2011, Jason Stevens wrote:

> What is UNIX V 6.9999999?? I suspect it's v6 with a bunch of patches, 
> but not quite v7?  I've seen from some Russian stuff that they prefered 
> v6 on pdp-11's as it "ran faster" than v7 and needed far less ram/disk 
> space... I know it's 30 years too late to ask them what it is but I 
> figure someone may have actually ran/used 6.9999999...

Back in the V6 days, I was known as Mr Unix 6-and-a-half, because I'd 
spliced all sorts of V7 features into V6 - notably XON/XOFF, and there was 
no way that V7 would run on the 11/40,

I rewrote the Calcommp and Versatec plotter drivers to use the block 
interface, and they went like a bat out of hell.

Sigh...  We had fun in those days.

-- Dave
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