[TUHS] 4.0 BSD confusion....

Keith Bostic keith at bostic.com
Thu Sep 8 23:10:47 AEST 2011

> > Interesting.  I've taken a look at the sources from the CD set and

> found that the text there (in /usr/src/sys/sys/machdep.c) is the same
> > as above.  Looking further, the entire directory has the same files in
> > 4.0 and 4.1, with the same modification dates.  So it looks as the 4.0
> > sources accidentally got replaced by the 4.1 sources.

Hmmm, no, I don't have anything useful to add.

I suspect you could check the modification dates on the files, and the file
SCCS IDs, against the source-code revision logs to figure this out for sure.


Keith Bostic
keith at bostic.com
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