[TUHS] why the leading under score added to function names?

John Cowan cowan at mercury.ccil.org
Sun Feb 26 06:39:59 AEST 2012

Random832 scripsit:

> For instance, this is, according to Raymond Chen, why they added      
> WinMain rather than extending main (they didn't know if extensions to 
> main would be allowed).                                               

That doesn't sound very reasonable to me.  When you link a Windows
program, it still has a main() procedure provided by Windows which does
setup and then invokes WinMain().

> so it's possible that MSVC's C library was indeed, to some small
> degree, based on Unix.

Without doubt.  After all, there was no other source of C libraries
before ANSI; compare the Whitesmiths library, which was "meticulously

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