[TUHS] off-topic: resurrecting the IMP

Ronald Natalie ron at ronnatalie.com
Mon Dec 2 07:42:10 AEST 2013

Cool.   I have fond memories of the IMPs.    We got to put our first UNIX machine on the Arpanet at BRL when they changed to long leaders and it seemed that the ANTS (an 11/40 based terminal service) could not be upgraded to support it.    We had another fire drill on the TCP/IP changeover, and again on the ARPANET MILNET split (which I finally convinced people in authority to STOP MAKING THESE MAJOR CHANGES ON JANUARY 1, I was tired of spending my holidays dealing with network protocol changes).

I actually had 4 C-30 based imps that was the core of our own campus network at BRL.    I even wrote our own NOC code.    I got a nice email from BBN when I told them I had our systems operational shortly after the hardware rep from BBN plugged them in (I had the Bell 303 modems ready to go) explaining how it was not possible for me to have done that.
I wrote back and told him that I was sure glad I didn't know it was impossible before I did it.  Might have discouraged me.

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