[TUHS] 10th Edition, 8th Edition

Benjamin Huntsman BHuntsman at mail2.cu-portland.edu
Fri Feb 1 11:55:43 AEST 2013

While the subject of historical stuff has been brought up, anyone thought about going another round with Attachmate to see if they'd extend the Ancient UNIX License to include v10, v9, and v8?  Attachmate is the current owner these days, aren't they?
I'm sure they, Novell, AT&T, and Lucent all don't care.  But someone's still got to sign the line.  I'm really hoping to see v10x86, like v7x86 someday!!

I've got a copy of v8 I'd love to make available some day, and I know there are at least one or two copies of v10 still in existence.  last I heard, there was no v9.

Anyone here know anybody at Attachmate?

Many thanks!


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