[TUHS] "Electronic Mail Without Aliases"

Cyrille Lefevre cyrille.lefevre-lists at laposte.net
Fri Feb 15 21:59:46 AEST 2013

Le 15/02/2013 09:18, John Cowan a écrit :
> arnold at skeeve.com scripsit:
>> First, edit post.tm and change the PO font to CW.  Then
>> 	refer post.tm | pic | troff -ms | ps2pdf - post.pdf
> I changed the line terminators to LFs and removed the undefined .TM
> macro in line 3 of post.tm.  I then got these errors from troff:
> post.tm:116: macro error: unknown reference type `5'
> post.tm:208: macro error: unknown reference type `5'
> Dr. Google can provide no explanation of these.  Lines 116 and 208 (or
> 117 and 209 of the original source) are ordinary lines of text with
> no special controls.
> Then I get the following error from ps2pdf:
> Error: /undefined in x
> Operand stack:

take a look at your file content, this is not postscript, but ditroff 
intermediate output.

using DWB, the dpost filter should be added.

refer post.tm | pic | troff -ms | dpost | ps2pdf - post.pdf

using GROFF, groff should be used instead of troff.

refer post.tm | pic | groff -ms | ps2pdf - post.pdf

using DWB, the AT&T Bell Labs logo looks perfect ;^)


PS : DWB is here :


to build DWB under cygwin, use this patch :


also, DWBHOME should be exported to the installation path.


Cyrille Lefevre
mailto:Cyrille.Lefevre-lists at laposte.net

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