[TUHS] curmudgeon credit

David Evans dfevans at sekrit.eu
Tue May 14 17:51:36 AEST 2013

On 14 May 2013, at 07:52, emu at e-bbes.com wrote:

> Quoting "Aaron J. Grier" <agrier at poofygoof.com>:
>> are there any synthesizable (hardware description language) versions of
>> PDP or VAX available?  seems like hybrid FPGA / SW emulation platforms
>> would be an interesting experimentation space.
> Few PDP11s (VHDL?) are out there, no VAX in the wild as far as I know …

Yes; I've run 7th Edition on


Was too lazy to get 2.11BSD working and I see that it has progressed a lot in the year since I tried it. I think I played with


too but I can't remember what I did.

I've spent most time with an -8 and there are a couple of -10s out there but then that's not Unix...

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