[TUHS] TUHS Digest, Vol 108, Issue 2

Tim Bradshaw tfb at tfeb.org
Wed Nov 27 23:02:56 AEST 2013

On 27 Nov 2013, at 03:22, Doug Merritt wrote:

> I may be wrong, but it was my strong impression that, back in the
> day, this could not be said of anyone else's code, BBN or otherwise.

Perhaps there is someone here who remembers this better than I do, but in the UK there were some fairly seriously heroic things that had to be done because we had the wrong order for names, and there were then all sorts of really exciting ambiguities resulting from that (what did "cs.x.edu" mean?).  May be another tool would have been better than sendmail, but whatever it was would have been pretty hairy.

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