[pups] Netcom HV-1148 QBus Backplane

azd30 azd30 at telus.net
Thu Oct 24 05:25:00 AEST 2013


Thanks for the response and the pointer to the web page. Looks like I can run 2.9 on the machine - I just have to find myself some RL's 8-)

Did some digging around on QBus, and think i found enough info, that coupled with some contiuity tests should allow me to figure out exactly how the backplane is laid out.


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>You would probably be better served on the ClassicCmp mailing list.  This list is primarily about software, specifically Unix on the PDP-11.  

>I'd have to dig to answer your question, and there's probably someone on ClassicCmp who can do so off the top of his/her head.  (And I already have my hands full: I'm at work looking at bringing up an IFS to talk to a Xerox Alto.)  

>Take a look at the PUPS webpage for more information on installing e.g., V6 or V7 on various machines.  My recollection is that these versions have requirements in hardware, such as the switch register, that may make them unsuitable for a Qbus machine - but the PUPS page >has a section that can answer definitively.  -- Ian 

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