[TUHS] HP300/4.4BSD stuff

Cory Smelosky b4 at gewt.net
Sun Dec 21 16:01:28 AEST 2014

Evening all,

Am I correct in my guess that 4.4BSD was built cross on an HP300? I have 
never found a binary dist of anything other than HP300 4.4...and my 
attempts to build 4.4 on ULTRIX/SunOS have so far not succeeded...it had 
to have been built SOMEHOW.

I picked up an HP300 to help me get somewhere...but it seems to only have 
a 68010. :(

I either need to find a definitive 68020-minimum one on ebay...someone 
with one available...or some tips of actually cross-building 4.4 for MIPS 
or SPARCv7 (I have physical hardware for either)

I am very determined to run pure 4.4 on something bigger than a PIC32. ;)

Cory Smelosky
http://gewt.net Personal stuff
http://gimme-sympathy.org Projects

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