[TUHS] HP300/4.4BSD stuff

Jochen Kunz jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de
Mon Dec 22 02:19:19 AEST 2014

Am 21.12.14 um 10:19 schrieb Cory Smelosky:
>> Have you tried NetBSD 1.1? (The first NetBSD release to support PMAX.)
> Wouldn't boot on my 3MIN :( Dies shortly after jumping to entry point.

>> > Note: You can use a HP400 also. I have a 433t running 4.4BSD. I used
>> > a netbooted NetBSD to get it installed.
> Is an HP400 easier to find? ;)
At least I came across more 400 then 300.

> I would love to have access to that box...I THINKS I can cross for SPARC.
Unfortunately I don't have the facilities to manage that at the moment.


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