[TUHS] History of chown semantics

Brian S Walden tuhs at cuzuco.com
Sat Jan 11 03:08:51 AEST 2014

Yea, but that was all much later. It wasn't a problem with PWB as it's
file system structure, in practice, was /u[0-9]/{projectname}/{username}
so when a mount point ran low on space it wasn't the individual user that
got hassled, but the projects under the mount. Makes disc usage
accounting easy too, if it's under the project, the project pays for it.
You can see that structure and how PWB was actually used by a project at

> From: Ed Carp <erc at pobox.com>
> But it was fun to give away large files to someone else to avoid getting
> hassled by a sysadmin when you were close to filling up your disk quota.  :)

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