[TUHS] History of chown semantics

John Cowan cowan at mercury.ccil.org
Wed Jan 15 12:13:55 AEST 2014

Larry McVoy scripsit:

> But with disk so bloody cheap and VMs working so bloody well, it's pretty
> easy to spin up a VM and give it to some idiot who thinks they need root.

./configure or not, it's damned hard to install large amounts of software
without root.  You can do it, but it's hard, especially if some of it
is really really expensive to build from source, since you're blocked
from using the distro's own install tool.

> You know what it reminds me of?  Eunice on a VAX running VMS.  It seems like
> Unix but you're the only one there.  Sort of lonely.  I liked running who
> and seeing a bunch of people logged in.  Run finger $boss and see if he 
> read your email.

Most people who use Unix today are the only ones there.  Someone should
really rewrite finger(1) to do something different.

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