[TUHS] the sin of buffering [offshoot of excise process from a pipeline]

scj at yaccman.com scj at yaccman.com
Wed Jul 16 04:55:20 AEST 2014

Bah!  This is a bug in Unix, IMHO.  We would consider it a bug if a
buffered output file refused to dump it's output buffer upon exit.  It
seems to me to be just as much a bug if a buffered input file refuses to
push back its unused input on exit.  Unix should have provided a mechanism
to permit this...


>> Err, why is buffering data in the process a sin? (Or was this just a
> humourous aside?)
> Process A spawns process B, which reads stdin with buffering. B gets
> all it deserves from stdin and exits. What's left in the buffer,
> intehded for A, is lost. Sinful.
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