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Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Tue Jun 3 14:07:54 AEST 2014

On Tue, 3 Jun 2014, Diomidis Spinellis wrote:

> 2. The login names of the following Berkeley authors
> A. R. Newton

What code?

> Charles Haley

chuck (per 1BSD's winfo, sh.1, cpall.6, where.6, whoison.6)

> Douglas Lanam

What code?

> D. O. Pederson

Real name is probably "Donald". But what code?

> Ellis Cohen

cohen (per 1BSD's where.6 ; I don't think is Earl)

> Juan Porcar

What specific code file for Juan Porcar?

> Jeff Schriebman

jeff (per 1BSD's winfo)

> Kurt Shoens

kurt (per 1BSD's winfo, mvall.6, whoison.6)

> R. Dowell

Richard "Dick" Dowell of Hewlett Packard.

> Ross Harvey

UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory

> Richard Tuck

tuck (per 2BSD netintro.n)

> 3. The names corresponding to the following Berkeley ids
> claudio

The login "dlw" included DLW as part of SCCS commit messages. The 
claudio entry also says "DLW". So probably David L. Wasley.

> csvaf

Alastair Fyfe

> denise

Denise Draper

> ecc

Eric C. Cooper  (login name also is "cooper" later)

> epg
> evan
> fitz

Dan Fitzpatrick

> fortran

I don't see this one.

> harrison

Mike Harrison or  Susan Graham Harrison (except I don't know timing for 
that name).

> lam

Karen Lam of BBN

> opcode

Mark Opperman

> orange

Carol Orange

> rt

I also don't find "rt"

> 1BSD
> pcs 1800 1800

One of the files says "Wirth" and note that other files have spellings 
like "funktion", "prozedure", "konstant". So maybe all this is from 

> portlib 1701 1781

I think this portlib is from Eric Allman.

> opcodes 1580 1580

I guess Thompson, Haley or Joy.

> 3BSD

I assume you are refering to parts not from 32V...

> usr/src/sys/sys 8163 16488

I guess Babaoglu, maybe Juan Porcar, and Joy. Note that the TODO 
mentions code given to Joy.

> usr/src/cmd/f77 5981 17252

I think some of the improvements came from the upstream (November 1978 
1.16 vs. January 1980's 2.00).

> usr/src/new/libI77uc 4379 5395

Files say originally P. Weinberger and modified by David Wasley.

> usr/src/cmd/versatec 3885 4271

sidebyside was written by Joy (per Len Edmondson personal 

> usr/games/advfiles/cave 1772 1772

It was common that some source for games weren't included.

Says originally developed by Willie Crowther and most features added by 
Don Woods (don @ su-ai). And the file says to ask "ark" for questions. I 
think was in a group called MHTSA (but I don't kno what means).

> usr/src/cmd/uucp 1358 7387

Maybe Dave Nowitz?

> usr/src/sys/stand 1350 3382

Some of this is just from 32V. I can only guess the changes were from 

> usr/src/games/banner.c 1129 1129

Mark Horton (see corresponding man page!)

(As a reminder to list readers ... I am authoring a very detailed book 
covering the history of Berkeley Unix. I have done interviews either by 
email, phone, and some in person with over 80 of the very 
early contributors.)

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