[TUHS] UNIX magazines

Norman Wilson norman at oclsc.org
Fri Jun 13 10:45:44 AEST 2014

Dan Cross:

  ... there were a few "journal" type
  magazines that also specialized in Unix-y things (e.g., ";login:" from
  USENIX; still published, I believe) ...


;login: is alive and well.  So is USENIX.  It's no longer
the UNIX user's group it started as many decades ago; the
focus has broadened to advanced computing and systems
research, though the descendants of UNIX are still prominent
in those areas.

For an old-fashioned programmer/systems hack/systems generalist
like me, it's still quite a worthwhile journal and a worthwhile
organization.  They've even been known to have a talk or two
about resurrecting old versions of UNIX.

I'm just off to the federation of medium-sized conferences
and workshops that has grown out of the former USENIX
Annual Technical Conference.  I'm looking forward to it.

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON

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