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Norman Wilson norman at oclsc.org
Fri Jun 13 14:03:22 AEST 2014

Doug McIlroy:

> Does anyone know why [Computing Systems] folded?

Arnold Skeeve:

  ISTR that they simply ran out of content; they weren't getting
  enough submissions to keep it going, and journal production isn't
  an inexpensive undertaking.


That's what I remember too, though there may also have been
insufficient interest from the members.  The front matter
in the last issue suggests that.

Computing Systems was published from Winter 1988 to Fall 1996.
(More years than I'd have guessed, even looking at the physical
journals on my shelf; it was a quarterly.)  It would probably
not have lasted much longer no matter what, as the USENIX
community was likely in the forefront of putting papers online
on the World-Wide Web.

USENIX now makes all their conference papers available online,
free to anyone, except that only those registered for a
conference can read them before the conference actually happens.
That's not a bad substitute for a journal, I suppose.

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON

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