[TUHS] extend 2.11BSD window(1) to work with relatively enormous terminals

Jacob Ritorto jacob.ritorto at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 06:29:53 AEST 2014

Hi all,
  I've been using window(1) on my simh-emulated 11/73, but it can't handle
terminals much larger than 80x24, failing with "Out of memory."
  I'd like to use window(1) to drive a big xterm, like 132x66, for
instance, because I'd like to reduce the number of telnet connections to
the host.
  How does one go about analyzing and remediating the memory contention in
this environment?
  If anyone's interested, we could set up a pair programming session to
work on it together, which I think would be most instructive, for me, at

  Bear in mind that this is just for pdp11 voyeurism / fun.

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