[TUHS] 2.9 kernel compile

Jacob Ritorto jacob.ritorto at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 01:47:05 AEST 2015

  Since my Fuji160 drive is rather head-crashed, I've replaced it with an
M2333k, which is a smaller SMD rig with more sectors than the 160.
Unfortunately, after many dip switch settings and config changes, I have to
conclude that the sc21 just doesn't work with this new disk.

  I've plugged in my SC41 controller that speaks MSCP and supports the
M2333k correctly.  So now it's a matter of getting a unix small enough to
run on the 11/34 that can also speak MSCP.  Enter Jonathan Engdahl's

  I managed to restor a root dump from his distribution and am able to
occasionally boot it on my 11/34, but it crashes very soon after booting
and I don't understand why. I think it's something to do with the fact that
he compiled it to run on an 11/23. Maybe it lacks unibus support. Maybe
something to do with clock differences. Not sure. But I was thinking that I
could make it work by recompiling the kernel with 11/34 support.

I fired 2.9MSCP up in simh emulating an 11/23 and it works fine. Just to
corroborate my hardware experience of it on the '34, I switch the cpu
emulation to 11/34 and got a mostly identical crash sequence as with my
real hardware.

  So I switched the emulation back to '23, rebooted and edited the assym.s
file found in Jonathan's /usr/src/sys/RA directory. I changed
PDP11 = 23.
PDP11 = 34.

as well as


and recompiled with 'make unix,' then copied the resultant unix to /unix.

I switched simh back to emulating an 11/34 and rebooted. It crashes
randomly just as it did before the kernel recompile.

Any idea what I'm missing here? My hope was to simply move this
freshly-compiled 11/34-friendly kernel onto my real 11/34 and have a
working hardware system.

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